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Abrus precatorius

Abrus Enterprise is derived from the Greek word abros meaning delicate or soft. It is also the name of the plant Abrus precatorius, a vine with a cosmopolitan distribution. The complex seed pods comprise magnificent red seeds used in jewelry and rosaries associated with cultural rituals. The seeds contain a chemical called abrin, one of the most potent plant poisons in the world, which makes the plant resilient to predation and highly adaptable to environmental variation.

abrus, abrus enterprise, abrus plants, ivan van der walt, abrus.co.za


The logo was inspired by the male Chiwara mask from the Bambara people of Mali. The Chiwara consisting of a male and female mask, is used in traditional dance ceremonies associated with seeding and harvesting of their crops. It is believed that the spirits sent the mythical roan antelope-like figure to earth to teach people the fundamentals of agriculture.       

Abrus Enterprise is a multi-dimensional business, active in a wide range of fields comprising environmental work, horticulture, art, and business product development.
We consistently strive to develop new and innovative products and ideas to respond to a constantly changing, demanding and competitive environment.

It is our vision to pro-actively move towards a more sustaining environment by the development and introduction of products and ideas that will make a positive contribution to the way we perceive and experience the environments we live in.