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Our senses are the foundations on which all experiences and perceptions of our environment are built, and play an integral part in all facets of our business. We constantly strive to develop products that stimulate and challenge the senses to a point of excitement and surprise.

What we see, taste and smell are the main elements we consider during product development.


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My first exposure to sculpture was making clay oxen as a small child. It was however many years later, in the early 80’s when I met the renowned ceramic sculptor Yvette Weyers, that I was inspired by her to start experimenting with clay as a sculpture medium. Once I became familiar with the potential and limitations of this medium, it became increasingly clear that ceramic clay is the medium I want to work in. The many different clay colours and textures make it a very dynamic medium to work with. Fired clay takes on a character of its own, over which you have little control, but the unpredictable effects of the firing process add another dimension to the artwork that I find very exciting.  I regard sculpture as the expression of frozen moments of significance. I like working on small scale sculptures and use different types of clay depending on the subject. My favorite is black basalt clay, although difficult to find.

My subjects are very diverse, but are usually something with good lines, textures or shapes. I prefer work of an expressionistic nature, although some works are more realistic. I always strive to keep sculptures as simple as possible, and pay great attention to strokes used during the creation to accentuate and contrast textures and form. 

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Growing up in the beautiful Mpumalanga Lowveld, I was inspired by the textures, colours, shapes, spaces and contrasts of life. I started drawing and painting at a very young age and never stopped. Formally studying fine art theory and skill assisted in understanding the purpose and principles of art. I consider myself as a post-modern artist, creating paintings in an abstract and surrealistic style.

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Branding Partnerships

Should you like to make use of our material or products / images we will gladly participate in brand partnerships showcasing the delicate relationship between your product and ours.  With our artistic flair we will assist in the design process.


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We introduce unusual traditional African indigenous plant ingredients like water mint, wild spearmint, wild rosemary, water berry, marula, mint flowers, wild origanum and wild plum in our finishing salt and botanical sugar to create a new unique taste experience. We also use other herbs like lemon verbena, basil, lavender flowers and pineapple sage in our creations. We only use fresh, locally produced ingredients in our products, most of which is sustainably grown by ourselves to ensure no pesticides are used on the plants. We use no preservatives or anti-caking agents in our products.

Our products are ideal for unique small gifts for specialist culinary shops, birthdays, Christmas and party favour for weddings.


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“The ability to salt food properly is the single most important skill in cooking.”               Thomas Keller

Finishing salt is the latest trend in the culinary experience world.

It can transform any meal from bland to extraordinary. 

Finishing salts are unrefined flavour enhancing and are sprinkled on your food instead of used in your food. It adds the final rush of flavour to the recipe.

By using less salt during cooking and rather adding flavoured salt on the dished-up meal, you do not only create a meal with much more taste, but also end up with a healthier dish, using less salt.

We create a variety of unusual designer finishing salts for the adventurous food fundi. We specialise in the use of unusual and unknown indigenous plants in our recipes. The aim is to introduce the user to new flavours and to educate and stimulate the appreciation for edible indigenous plants. 

The indigenous flavour range includes species like water mint, wild oreganum, wild spearmint, marula, wild plum and wild rosemary.    

We also make combinations like [rosemary, thyme, orange], [lemon verbena, black pepper], [roasted cumin, orange]

Our basil range includes Thai basil, dark opal basil, clove scented basil and lime basil.     

Add to meat, fish, salads, pasta or experiment on any dish imaginable. Available in a range of different box sets each containing 4 different flavours.                                                                                                    

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Dark Opal Basil
salts, abrus interprise, salt (2)
Sweet Chilli
salts, abrus interprise, salt (3)
Water Mint
salts, abrus interprise, salt (4)
Rosemary, Thyme and Orange


BOTANICAL SUGARS, abrus enterprise

As with finishing salts, botanical sugars are getting very popular in an age of culinary experimentation.

Our botanical sugars are crafted from ingredients like indigenous water berry, wild origanum, water mint, wild spearmint, wild rosemary, wild plum, water mint flowers, rose scented geranium and marula to make a variety of combinations.

We also use herbs like lemon verbena, rose petals, pineapple sage, sweet pepper, lavender flowers, pineapple sage flowers and chilli to make unusual sugar combinations.

The botanical sugars can be used in everything from non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to beverage syrups, plant-based and dairy applications, baked goods, confections, fruit salad, smoothies and nutrition products. Available in a range of different box sets each containing 4 different flavors.                                                                                                         

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abrus enterprise, botanical sugars, sugar (1)
Sweet Chilli
abrus enterprise, botanical sugars, sugar (2)
Chilli, Lime Basil
abrus enterprise, botanical sugars, sugar (3)
Water Berry


We could not stop there.  The beauty of our creative cake designs, far exceeds the traditional. We do cakes for special occasions, including weddings, christening, baby showers, birthdays and any other event you would like to celebrate.

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