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Abrus precatorius

Abrus Enterprise is about exploring life

Not only have we been blessed with an incredible variety of resources to work with on earth, but more importantly, an unlimited potential of what we can create from it.

It is these new creations, mixtures, designs, combinations and concepts that add flavour to our integrated living experience.

We set the trend by developing new products that take our sensory experiences to another level through living walls, horticulture, art and culinary experiences, many providing the most delicate gifting solutions.

LIVING WALLS      (DevNote: Hyperlink to www.abrus.eo.za/horticulture/livingwalls)

Global warming, smaller properties, increased pollution, dwindling water resources and shrinking natural habitats in urban environments were the drivers behind the design process to create a living wall system that can contribute towards the mitigation of these challenges. The Eco Green Wall was developed to reverse the alienation of urban inhabitants from nature, and to stimulate a renewed interest and appreciation for the environment.

HORTICULTURE        (DevNote:   Hyperlink to www.abrus.co.za/horticulture)

The biodiversity of the urban environment is improved by the introduction of native veld grass species and grassland plants, often previously unknown or under-utilised.

Our plant search and rescue operations save plants, many rare species, that otherwise would have been destroyed by construction activities.

New improved plant varieties are constantly developed and introduced for the landscape and horticultural industry.


CULINARY       DevNote: Hyperlink to www.abrus.eo.za/senses/culinaryexpression)

Africa is blessed with a huge variety of indigenous plants, many never utilised before, while others are not used to its full potential.

We use previously unknown and unused native edible plant species to creating new novel culinary products, eg finishing salts and botanical sugars.

ART AND DESIGN             DevNote: Hyperlink to www.abrus.eo.za/senses/visualexpression

Visual experiences which are important in our daily living are enhanced by the inspirational art forms of sculptures and landscape designs that we create.